Sunday, August 24, 2008

What now?

So, what now? It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot in the last few days. It’s a good question.

My plan right now is to take about two or three or months off of diving completely. The longest I have ever been out of the water was for 6 weeks in 2006. I have some mixed feelings about it. Definitely ready for a break, and excited about that. But also a little apprehensive. What will life be like without diving? Without working out 5-6 hours a day?

I am excited about working part time for my sister as a “nanny” to my two nephews, Luke and Brock. They are 1 and 2 and so much fun!

I am also looking forward to putting more energy into the nonprofit organization International Cultural Exchange, or ICx. The basic goal of the organization is to help international students by pairing them with a “friendship family.” This is great for both for the students and the families. The students get the opportunity to experience much more of American culture firsthand, and the families lives are enriched by learning about the students’ lives, countries and culture.

I am about to head out to Closing Ceremonies. I am looking forward to this fun concluding celebration. It has been an amazing month.


Ed Lindsey said...

You are the champion!
Nacilea, thank you so much for inviting us to come along side you on your Olympic trek. We are truly honored to cheer for you and share the experience (maybe through TV but emotionally for real). You have represented our country (your passion and sportsmanship) and the Kingdom (fruits of the spirit) in a most stellar fashion. We are proud of you and the champion that you are!
God bless you and your family as you seek His wisdom for the next chapter.

Ed & Linda Lindsey
Tucson, AZ

Anonymous said...


A little slow in posting this, but my family wanted to tell you how proud we are of you! What an amazing accomplishment! You achieved something only most dream of.

God bless you!

Lisa & Duane Street