Monday, June 01, 2009

6 and 7 month pics

So, I know that I kind of suck at blogging. But, I will try again. Here are some pics (just for you, Fany!) of how my belly and little Anna are progressing.

This is me about the middle of my 6th month. Before I was pregnant, when people would tell me they are at 24 weeks or whatever, I would just want to know what month they are in. But now I realize how big a difference there is between the beginning and the ending of the month!

Here I am at 28 weeks, just starting my 7th month.

It looks like I'm carrying really high, but it's just b/c my tank top is so long. I'm actually carrying pretty low. She kicks all the time. It is so funny to see my belly dancing. : )

A few othere tidbits of info:

-Matt is done taking the CPA exam!!! This makes me (and him : ) very happy. He should get results back in a few weeks, but he is pretty confident.

-The non-profit Matt and I serve on the Board of Directors for, International Cultural Exchange, is having its first annual gala in October. I am heading up the silent auction for it. It is a big undertaking, but I am excited. Let me know if you are interested in donating something!! If you want to learn more about it, go to

-I have been working at a place called Learning Rx and I really enjoy it. We work with kids (and a few adults) who are having trouble in school. But insted of tutoring in a specific subject, we train the brain and improve cognitive skills in general, i.e. short and long term memory, processing speed, comprehension. It is a very effective program and I have really enjoyed it.

So long for now!