Monday, July 14, 2008

My first diving meet

My very first coach, Bill Cant, just sent me a letter with a picture from my first diving meet. Don't you love the ruffle?


dianneb123 said...

Hey-from your biggest Nebraska fans!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We've been praying for you! You'll do great in Beijing. Thanks for the GO NANCILEA t-shirts. We've been showing them to everyone.

Marisa & Tori B. =)

Anonymous said...


Congrats on going to Beijing!!!! We have been following your progress all year and were very excited that you dove so well in Tennessee! Best wishes and enjoy every minute! I got to watch our friend Mark Lenzi compete in Atlanta and it was wonderful!

Go for the gold!
Former Hawkeye divers Vicki and Jamie Morrow

P.S. Thanks for the opportunity to see Bob wearing a sport coat on national television! We almost didn't recognize him :)