Sunday, July 27, 2008


Today I competed in the finals for 3m individual at the 2008 Kaiser Permanente National Championships in Pasadena. Here is a picture of my with my awesome teammates who dove with me. They did an outstanding job and I am really proud of them! Two are 15 and one is 13--Look out 2012!!

I dove well, and I won my 5th National Title with 349 points. I was overall really pleased with how I dove. Although, there is (as always : ) room for improvement. There are some really bad habits my coach and I have been working on getting rid of for quite some time that I cannot seem to shake. So while I was a bit frustrated with that, I did dive well, and I think I am on track for what I want to accomplish in Beijing. I have a little more than two weeks until I compete.
Wow! That really is soon, isn't it?

I found out what my Olympic Suit will look like! I am sponsored by TYR, and they have done a great job with my suit. Today we also received the outfitting given to us by Speedo, which is the US diving sponsor. There was alot of great stuff in there. Soon we will be leaving for San Jose for Team Processing, where we will get outfitted by Nike--the USOC sponsor. I will have no lack of clothes to bring to Beijing! It is really really fun to get lots of USA gear. Here is a picture of my competition suit and some of the things I have received so far.

Tomorrow night the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center is hosting a send off gala for us where we will do an exhibition show. Then on Monday we will leave for San Jose where we will go through Team Processing.

Go USA!!


Tiffany said...

Congrats on Nationals!

I'm getting soooo excited!

kelley said...

i am so proud of you. i can't wait to brag about you to my students. when you return i would love it if you would honor me with a visit to my classes and give a speech on overcoming difficulties andd working toward a dream. i love you and pray that my girls will look to you for inspiration both spiritually and personally. love always kelley

Mich♥ said...

aww thank you :) haha. you dove amazing there... hard to know there is still improvement!! diving is already different without you guys now when we go out the water is still and no one is diving :( tear

Jennifer said...

Matt and I are so excited for you! We will be watching the games from Scotland with my Mom and Jason (they will be in town visiting). All of my British co-workers are now fully converted and will be cheering for you and all the other divers on team USA! We will have you in our thoughts and prayers! Congratulations again! Love, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Nancilea, David Pittman from The Healing Tree is my husband Ed's youngest brother. We are so EXCITED for all that is happening and know you (and all of team U.S.A.) will represent our country well. Our hearts and prayers will be with you. May your journey to Beijing be safe and successful. Hugs from Pet & Ed Pittman